The Core 8 apps on my phone

1. My default clock app

I have four alarms (two for weekday mornings and two for weekend mornings) that I use regularly. I also enjoy using the timer feature for laundry and the dishwasher, as having that reminder that I need to tend to something rather than asking myself every 20 minutes "Has it been an hour yet?" is helpful.

2. Standard Notes

I live in plain text, the bold editor, FileSafe, and the simple markdown editor (and also the newly announced TokenVault!).

3. Tutanota

Replacing Gmail/Outlook with Tutanota. Also replacing Google Calendar for Tutanota's encrypted calendar with encrypted notifications.

4. Brave

I love me some Chromium. Have tried to switch to Firefox but I always switch back. I add Ublock Origin and Privacy Badger as extensions (I would add HTTPS Everywhere, but Brave has a built in HTTP to HTTPS capabilities).

5. Spotify

For all my musical and podcastical needs.

6. Today Weather

A sleek, AMOLED friendly app that does not have subscriptions.

7. Google Maps

For ideas on things to do, where to go, how late places are open, and traffic. I have tried every single maps app there is to try and I cannot get away from Google Maps no matter how hard I try. So it stays.

8. Signal

End-to-end encrypted messaging. Everybody should be using Signal. Stop using WhatsApp or Telegram.

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