Why I like black but "c" is white

I like black.

Given the opportunity to get a white phone or a black phone, I'll pick the latter. White car or black car? Black car. Even my lock screen and home screen are completely black, like #000000 kind of black. Black black.

So why is my Listed website, "c", white?

The short answer is that it's easier to read and it doesn't stress our eyes out as much.

According to UX Movement, white text on a black background is harder to read because when white text reflects light, the reflected light bleeds into close words and letters. Moreover, since white stimulates all three color sensitive cones in our eyes, reading white text on a black background stresses our eyes out. 

Furthermore, people with astigmatism (approx. half the population), when the cornea is irregularly shaped it causes blurred vision, find it much more difficult to read white text on black backgrounds.

Meanwhile, black text on a white background absorbs light, crispening the text making it easier to read even though opening my Listed website in a dark room with your brightness set to max might make you go blind (sorry but not sorry). And, a study done in 1980 showed that readers were 26% more accurate when reading black text on a white background, so I'll take it.

So, accessibility, readability, and efficiency are why I keep the Listed theme default. 

Have fun reading with less stressed eyes!

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