I was supposed to try working on the HC-05 serial bluetooth board this evening, but I found some interesting websites during the day. One was an easily deployable Wiki, but it appears too complicated for me to use as a knowledge base. I also realized that I can publish notes in my Standard Notes as a blog, but I did not think my notes were sufficiently organized/coherent to warrant a blog. It is nice to know I could move these entries there.

I did download BoostNote to organize my notes for my PhD, rather then using Standard Notes. I felt that while Standard Notes is great for securing notes across devices/locations using a loosely organized system of tags, it is not great for organizing a complex argument in a coherent way. I might stand a better chance with BoostNote since I can organize notes into folders and sub-folders, but I can still use tags to organize common components (e.g. equations, figures, tables, references). The hope is that with all my notes organized in a way that the thesis flows from it logically, then it should be much easier for me to finish writing it. Defending it is another matter, but one thing at a time.

N.B. I moved my daily thoughts to Standard Notes and enabled publishing them here.

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