A package I ordered back in the beginning of May finally arrived. I got a message from AliExpress a few days ago saying my package was on its way, so it seems the original shippment was lost. Considering the time between the message and package arrival, they spared no expense to get it here.

So I tested the /component tester, and it works really well! I tested some resistors and capacitors, and the values it comes back with is very close to the marked values. I don't know what I was expecting with the component tester though. I put several different transistors in the tester, and the only helpful thing it tells me is if it is an NPN or PNP type. I'm sure the other values on the display are useful, but I guess I was expecting it to tell me the actual type of transistor.

The tester appears to shut itself off after a few seconds, and I think that would be a very useful circuit to know. It could be useful for Parisa activity centre, especially if the shut off time is something I can control programmatically rather then with just some electronic components. Though that would be useful too.

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