I wanted to look at my serial bluetooth board, but I wanted to relax this evening since I am taking the next two days off. I would like to figure out if I actually damaged the HC-05 in my testing of the AT-09 boards, but I also wanted to look at the anniversary gift I made over two years ago and see if I can figure why the alarm does not work as expected.

I also need to sketch out the electrical and programmatic design on the activity centre (a.k.a. busy box) for Parisa, as well the design the enclosure. My brother has offered to help create the box, so I should give him the details so he can get started on it. The parts I ordered will probably continue to trickle in over the next several weeks, but one of the biggest already arrived (i.e. wireless charging coils and circuits), so I should try creating a circuit that connects the LiPo charger to the receiver coil and attempt to charge an actual battery. I would like to know with the current I could transmit through the thickness of Poplar I want to use for the box, how long would the battery take to charge. I have been researching two different designs for an auto power off circuit: Option 1 and Option 2. The second option is simpler and I have all the components on hand, but I am not sure if it will work for my setup. The first option is more complicated, but the design and explanation is quite understandable. Unfortunately I am missing the power MOSFET used in the first option, so I am going to try the second option initially. If it does not work, or it will not work for my use case I will have to purchase that missing part and try to assemble the other circuit.

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