Went to visit our neighbour this afternoon to catch up with them. Mina mentioned that we may be moving after she finishes her degree, and they were surprised. They assumed we would be staying around for a long time, but we may have to move to wherever Mina can find work in her field. We hope I can also find similar work there as well.

I have been running PiHole on my desktop for the last 24 hours, and after updating the Router and the TV, everything has been working fine. Though I just noticed that my old desktop (the one previously hosting PiHole) lost its ethernet connection, and it has been idling.

Both desktops are connected to the same router (TP-Link AV600 Powerline WiFi Extender), so either the issue is with the ethernet cable or the ethernet port. I don't have one of those ethernet cable testers, but I think I have other ethernet cables that I use.

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