I was going to write tonight that finding a bizarre entry in the logs files on my old desktop about the Network Manager going to sleep (which is odd for Ethernet connection, rather then a WiFi connection), may have been the cause of all the network outages we were experiencing. I do not know how the Sleep Mode was enabled, but perhaps one of the many software updates that came through added to our network instability.

Then the router rebooted itself twice this evening, in the middle of streaming some shows. I surmised it was the router rebooting since the WiFi signals disappeared, so I could not access any of the machines on the network. Sometimes when we had outages last week, I was still able to access some of the computers on the network and the router itself. Though I would usually not be able to connect to my old desktop, probably because of the Network Manager going to sleep. On some occasions I could connect to the router and my old desktop, but there was no external connection (there was a large Bell outage last week). I do not know the cause of the router reboots this evening, and logs I can access from the dashboard are not helpful at all. We may have to call Bell in the morning, and see if they can address our issue. Perhaps the issue is with the modem/router itself, but it isn't misbehaving at the time, they might not offer to exchange it.

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