Parts arrived today for the activity centre (a.k.a. busy box) that I am making for my daugther. Some of the surface mounted components are extremely tiny, I may need to buy pair of magnifying glasses so that I can see what I am doing. Perhaps one of the cheap ones available at the pharmacy will work.

Network outages are still happening, but now only in the evening while we are streaming some shows. The outage is short, but still frustating especially if it happens multiple times. The issue with the PiHole seems to have stopped since moving it to my current desktop, but now we are experiencing issues with the RPi baby monitor losing its WiFi connection. I found a small cron script that runs every 10 minutes, and resets the WiFi connection if it fails to reach the router. Hopefully this solution will work, but we will have to see.

I was supposed to chat with my friend last night, but I got downstairs 20 minutes late. He declined the invite that he previously accepted, but did not respond when I asked if he wants to chat on Sunday.

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