Turns out that cron script does not work. The baby monitor lost WiFi connection twice, and both times I had to reboot the router for the connection to be restored. Looking at the logs I saw the entries when it was not able to connect to the router, but those commands did not allow it to re-establish a connection.

My parents and my brother came by today to help remove most of the junk we had accumulated in our yard over several years. The first load came in at 695 kg, mostly because of all the extra stone, concrete and slate slabs we had around the property. We also got rid of all the branches we cut down, and we hopefully fixed our downspout issue. Apparently the top was clogged, and then we noticed that one of connections was incorrect/backwareds, causing the water to run along the outside of the downspout. We fixed both of those issues, and took stock of the crumbling/missing mortar between many of the bricks. There is a large portion missing at the bottom of the chimney, which was under the deck. We removed a few deck boards and recorded what we found. We are going to replace as much mortar as we can before winter arrives, as well as finish power-washing the deck to remove all the crud. I would probably have to restain the deck afterwards, so I need to find a stain that matches the newer boards.

While looking under the deck, I found an old satellite dish. I remember finding it several years ago, but I thought we had gotten rid of it. I may be able to use it as a crude radio telescope, but I will need some parts.

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