JS talk 'Enabling New Web Experiences'

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqZYAM2es9Q
by David Bryant: https://twitter.com/david_bryant
at JSConf: https://2018.jsconf.eu/


I like Mozilla. No, I love them. Hopefully I can attend the MozFest this year again. This talk was about some tech that is and was developed by the Mozilla Emmerging Technology Group.

Short summary (together with some other related things):

Deep Speech is awesome (also project Common Voice)

Rust (programming language) is now used in parts of Firefox and in

Servo, a new browser engine built from scratch, from which parts were already imported into Firefox (mostly since Firefox 57)

ASM.js and WebAssembly make the web faster and allow native code to be run in the browser

Note to myself: I definitely should look into Machine Learning at some point; and Rust

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