Somewhere along the way we allowed others to speak into our lives. Somewhere along the way we listened to “them” more than “us.” It’s time to take back what is rightfully ours.

  • Permission to place ourselves at a higher priority than our work.
  • Permission to believe in something even though others may disapprove.
  • Permission to not be afraid of society, even though we suffer from the memories of the past.
  • Permission to allow others to love us, even though we may not feel worthy of receiving love.
  • Permission to give ourselves a break when we don’t meet our high standards every single time.
  • Permission to give ourselves credit for small improvements made every day.
  • Permission to be proud of how far we have come since 2015. Or 2010.
  • Permission for others to show us areas where we can improve as a person.
  • Permission to forgive ourselves. For everything.
  • Permission to forgive others and move on.
  • Permission to say no to requests if it stretches us too thin.
  • Permission to speak up when we experience injustice.
  • Permission to play after working hard.
  • Permission to remove activities and commitments from our life.
  • Permission to rest.

May we all grant ourselves, and others, permission. May we enjoy the freedom that results from it.

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