Making the T-word and F-word again

I spend a majority of my waking hours dwelling on the T-word. Technology. It’s been a lifelong passion, at least since I was eight. It’s been my career for over twenty years. It’s something I’m pretty good at.

Unfortunately, too much of the T-word has resulted in the O-word. Overwhelm. Constantly bombarded with breaking news, notifications, and ads. It’s a shame, because The O-word creates resentment with the T-word because the T-word used to be the F-word. Fun.

Back when the T-word was the F-word and not the O-word, I gleefully lost track of time on the internet. I spent so many hours clicking on websites and web links to read new articles. Back when Google didn’t give results based on an SEO ninja’s tinkering, I would dive deep into the world wide web to learn how to fix errors and automate tasks. The T-word was a career field that brought oohs and ahhs from people at parties when they learned what i did for a living. F-word!

But something happened along the way. The T-word turned into the C-word. Complex. Every OS update required another immersion; another deep dive to figure out what got changed. Also, T-word devices started propagating at work, like a hot-air popcorn popper. There were so many C-word T-word gadgets around, clients and supervisors fell victim to the S-word. Stress. So much S-word from the C-word T-word would result in the O-word for a high-standards guy like me.

To combat the O-word, I had to resort to the P-word. Productivity. Optimizing my time at work. Using filters to reclaim valuable minutes. Mindfully confronting the S-word to avoid the O-word. Still a work in progress, but the P-word has been helpful in making the T-word F-word again.

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