Fine, huh?

I observe it all the time. I run into a friend or acquaintance around town, ask them how their week is going, and hear the typical, brave response, "I'm fine. Doing great." Yet I hear the weakness in their voice as they say it, and I catch a micro-glimpse of sadness across their face. I'm sure the "Going great" reply is either to prevent me from inquiring further or to convince themselves that they're doing fine. But, I'm trying not to wear that mask. I'll be honest with you. Today I'm tired. I'm mentally exhausted from demands placed upon me in my professional endeavors. It's tough being called on multiple times a day to fix complex issues in a very brief allotted timeframe. Takes a toll on both the brain and the body. Finding myself in a brief season where I'm envying those who are in the road, near a construction project, holding a stop/slow sign. Or those who get to plant, water, and cultivate flowers or vegetables in a garden. In the sunshine. Not looking at a glowing screen of text and graphics.

We can't all be riding high on a wave of euphoria 100% of the time. Can't win 'em all the time. We must seek joy in our lives. Must find things that bring excitement and increase our inner energy levels. One of the ways I get energized is by writing these posts to you. Even when life is not clicking on all cylinders, sharing anything, anything that comes to my mind. That's what gives me joy at this time. Fridays, too, because the weekend is almost here!

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