IDEA: Field Kick Bowling (I don't love that name)

May 29, 2019

Two players. 10 “pins” for each player (bowling pins or blocks of wood similar in size), colored so you can distinguish the two sets. One soccer ball for each player.
To play:

Players agree upon boundaries for play of whatever size and shape they want. This allows play in nearly any area/environment.
Players agree upon a starting point, from with the first kick will occur. This can be anywhere they mutually agree.
Players randomly decide which kicks first (coin flip?). The first kicker is Player 1.
Players set up their opponent's pins one by one, taking turns, anywhere they want within the boundary area. Player 2 goes first, placing one pin. Then Player 1 places a pin, then back and forth until all pins are placed.
Player 1 kicks first. The goal is to knock down all your own pins. Both players' first kick is from the same starting point, and subsequent kicks are from wherever the ball lies from previous kick. Ball must ONLY be kicked, no other method of movement allowed. If a player knocks down their opponent's pin, the pins stays down (so that error benefits the opponent). A round is complete after both players have kicked (i.e. a round is over after Player 2 kicks).
First player to knock down all their pins after a completed round, that player shakes the hand of their opponent and says to them, “You were a worthy opponent, and I am grateful that you allowed me this victory. Huzzah!” That player is then considered the winner of the game.
If both players have knocked down all their pins after a round is complete, both players will shake hands and declare out loud, “We are both worthy of victory, huzzah!” They are then both winners of the game.

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