Wednesday evening

Despite what I thought, that the day would effectively be ending at 3pm with the school run (+ dinner + school disco run etc.), I actually got a lot done whilst my daughter's fried was over, they vanished off upstairs and I didn't see much of them until I had to whip up a quick dinner.

I actually enjoyed going to the disco and watching my daughter have fun dancing - she was, as far as I'm concerned, the best dancer there.

We were back by just after 6, so with the kids already fed and tired out, they just chilled for an hour or so and I managed to get some more stuff done before the bedtime drill.

We are all off to see the Romeo & Juliet ballet tomorrow night so I need to be up and in effect nice and early. Aiming for an 8am start. They always feel good if you can pull them off.... and don't drift into the 9.30 zone.

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