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I listen to a lot of podcasts. One I have been enjoying is Science + God with Dr. G

I met Dr. Michael Guillen in 2018 when he along with Dr. Rice Broocks, both on the God’s Not Dead Tour. Rice Broocks presents the “God” side of the argument, and Dr. Guillen presents the “Science” side of the argument. God and science working together, what a concept! Dr. G has a PhD in Math, Astronomy, and Physics - he’s a super nerd!

In the latest episode of Science + God #28 - Dreams and Destinies, Dr. G talks about a “dream as something that originates within you, it’s what you want out of life”. Dreams are great they may drive you to your destiny. Don’t stop dreaming, just know that God has a destiny for you.

Destiny is why God made you; why you are on this earth.

Your destiny is way bigger than your dream.

Dr. G. uses the example of tuning forks and sympathethic vibration.

We need to get close to God and we need to listen to God, just like two tuning forks.

Sometimes the topics are way over my head, but I love how he is a science nerd and loves God!

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