Discipleship Study

A little while back, a friend asked me to join a book discussion group on discipleship. I haven't ever, officially been discipled, so I had to look it up. DISCIPLESHIP, noun The state of a disciple or follower in doctrines and precepts.

Nope, I hadn't officially been discipled, so how could I learn about discipleship?

So I prayed about and eventually agreed to join. We have been working through the "Real-Life Discipleship Training Manual: Equipping Disciples Who Make Disciples" by Jim Putman

It is the training manual for Real-Life Discipleship and it is very good. It assumes you know nothing about discipleship (seems like it was written just for me)

It has been really good for me personally and spiritually. God is showing me a lot in this study and I am becoming better friends with the men in the study.

God new I needed this, I had no clue... I'm glad he has a plan for my life :-)

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