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Den's Standard Notes Blog - I write about tech news, self-hosting and useful services. I am a tech enthusiast who loves to explore new technologies and share my findings with others. On this blog you will find articles on how to self host your own websites, applications and data, as well as reviews of various online services that can make your life easier and more productive. I also cover the latest news and developments in the tech industry, and give my opinion and analysis on them. πŸ“… Join me on this journey of learning and discovery.

I started a new blog on Reading Supply

Reading Supply is a writing and discussion platform that aims to be the home for various types of content, such as essays, criticism, fiction, blog posts and white papers. Blogging on Reading Supply means creating and sharing your thoughts on books, authors, genres, or any other topics related to reading. Blogging on Reading Supply has several benefits, such as: You can write in a plain and simple editor that supports markdown, hotkeys, and React components. You can control who can see your...
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How to Use a Currency Strength Meter to Boost Your Forex Trading

If you're a forex trader, you know how important it is to analyze the strength of different currencies. You want to trade the strongest currencies against the weakest ones, and avoid trading pairs that are moving sideways or have low volatility. But how do you measure the strength of a currency? How do you know which currencies are strong and which ones are weak at any given time? One of the tools that can help you with this task is a currency strength meter (CSM). A CSM is an indicator that sh...
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An Overview of the 10 Minute Email Service

Emails have become an integral part of our daily lives. From communicating with friends and family to marketing and promotion, emails have proven to be a reliable and efficient mode of communication. However, with the increasing amount of spam and privacy concerns, the need for a temporary email service has become more prevalent. This is where the 10 Minute Email Service comes in. What is the 10 Minute Email Service? The 10 Minute Email Service is a free disposable email service that allows ...
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How to Use Temporary Mail for Social Media Accounts

Social media platforms are great for staying in touch with friends, family and colleagues, as well as discovering new content and information. However, they also come with a downside: spam. If you have ever created an account on a social media site, you know that you have to provide your email address to verify your identity and receive notifications. But what if you don't want to share your personal or professional email with these sites? What if you don't want to receive dozens of messages eve...
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Microsoft unveils Loop - new productivity platform that reimagines Office documents

Microsoft has recently announced a new product called Microsoft Loop, a collaborative hub that integrates with various Office apps and allows you to create and share dynamic content with your team. Microsoft Loop is currently in preview mode and anyone can sign up to try it out. In this blog post, we will explore what Microsoft Loop is, how it works, and what benefits it can bring to your workflow. What is Microsoft Loop? Microsoft Loop is a web-based app that lets you create workspaces and p...
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