Weird Sleep Paralysis

I get sleep paralysis quite often but it never accompanies any scary demons or ghosts... I normally just cant move. The thing that is also weird is that im often fading in and out of a dream when it is taking place. I don't fully wake up when I have sleep paralysis.

Today I was napping on my couch and I ended up waking up to sleep paralysis. So I normally end up just closing my eyes and focusing on waking up. Today this actually threw my back into my dream where I kept going back and fourth from the dream to briefly waking up on my couch unable to move.

After going back and fourth between the dream and sleep paralysis on my couch I was able to prevent myself from going back into the dream. Although, this is when the weirdest thing took place.

While I was in sleep paralysis I was able to move my limbs and walk but it was not my physical body I was moving. My vision was that of my physical body staring at my arms and the floor.

The body that I WAS controlling was up stairs in my bathroom. I was able to turn on the water, use mouth wash, spit it into the sink etc. which all felt 100% real. Although, this was all taking place with my vision focused on what my physical body was seeing.

This was just such a weird disconnect. I was completely moving my dream body and getting feed back from it in a totally different setting but my vision was tied to my physical body.

Its not uncommon for me to fade in and out of dreams while im in sleep paralysis... but this was a first. I was really confused on what was going on when I was able to feel sensations and "move" when the only thing I could see was what my physical body in sleep paralysis was looking at.

Eventually I was able to get out of the weird dream mixed state I was in and move my body and get up. Maybe that was the start of a possible OBE without the sight tied to it haha. Either way, that was pretty cool.

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