8/100: How learning languages changed my life

Despite being 100% Italian, mastering Italian as a second language always seemed impossible. The Italian teaching style in my school was stricter, clearly having fun was conducive to learning:
Tu es très bizarre. (French)
You are very odd.
as my French teacher would say.

Thanks to Japanese friends, I was intrigued by Japanese characters, sounds and grammar. How different the words were and yet how the syllabic pronunciation of its syllabaries (hiragana & katakana) reminded me of my mother tongue. One of my first sentences was:
きらいなぜならあなたはばか (hiragana - Japanese)
ki-ra-i na-ze-na-ra an-a-ta-wa ba-ka
I hate you because you are stupid. Well that’s nice, isn’t it? Languages are such great ways to make friends. Jokes aside, do learn some funny phrases! After a breakfast, with my visiting Chinese friends:
“Hey, I didn’t know you were so funny” – My mother </3
Fun and laughter, brought to you by Memrise, a spaced-recognition learning site, with some great phrases. In the premium version, you can always catch the spreading smiles of the locals, as they pronounce some of Memrise’s silly albeit useful phrases.

I started learning Mandarin Chinese a few years ago, thanks to a great teacher and fellow university Chinese students, volunteering their time for conversation practice. After a study programme in Shanghai, on mount Huà, outside of Xián, where the terracotta soldiers live, I smiled as I too made out the
鼻子 – bí-zi – nose
嘴巴 – zuǐ-bā – mouth
眼睛 – yǎn-jīng – eyes
of a cliff face, a woman was pointing out to her husband. I smiled, well that was worth learning.

Despite a healthy venture into Bollywood movies, two previous trips to India, I learned that:
ठीक है – theek hai – it’s okay (hindi)
isn't the best way, to thank a hosting Indian family for their food,
खाना बहुत अच्छा है (hindi) – khaana bahut achchha hai – the food is very good,
is more suitable.

Learning a language is learning a means of communication, and what is/was important to that group of people. Opening a door onto a fresh corridor of doors. It facilitates cultural appreciation, through consumption of diverse media, fulfilling travel opportunities and deeper conversations.

7/100: I'm bored

Nah, not really.

How can you get bored? When you're connected to a powerful computer that can travel through time and space?

Your brain, from one thought to another, gradually, like rain trickling, coalescing on a window or a pebble skipping along a surface, the ripples undulating across, meeting and smoothening.

Some people tell me: "nah... running's not for me, too boring!"

Now don't get me wrong, I'm as impulsive as they come, happily scrolling through reddit, consuming video frame after frame, and jumping from task to activity to procrastinate along.

By being always online, processing, we rarely remember to defragment our C-drives. Give time to yourself, love yourself.

6/100: "What are you trying to prove?"

This quote made me think, why do we do what we do? When you're trying to find motivation, where do you look?

What is your motivation?

5/100: Building habits

3 mins to midnight and I've not yet given this daily writing challenge the opportunity to really let some creativity flow.

So how does one build habits?

4/100: High-low

I love that sometimes our brains just spell things differently. Say replacing words with their homophones.

I've even caught myself typing completely different words that sound the same, when pronounced, as the one word I had originally intended. Reminds me of a game I recently played with my bemused friend over the phone: reading gibberish and trying to make out actual words/phrases. It's interesting how the brain works.

How it wanders...

3/100: writing challenge

So what am I doing here? Trying out the writing challenge Listed.to advertised. Why, exactly?

Well. I thought it would be a good idea to crack on with some thoughts. And really to see what 100 days of writing could change. Most of my writing in the last few years has gone into instant messaging. I expect that's true for most people.

Makes you wonder what would you write about, say even, when no one or everyone is listening?


Tonight I was going to do some coding, ended up making tiramisu for 2hrs with friends. Sometimes you just gotta go for it.

La vida es llena de woo-woo.

2/100: Bring it on!


I love cooking from breakfast at 10 [PBJ] lunch at 10:30 [Ravioli] to second lunch at 16:00 [Paella] --> late dinner [Lasagna]!

I've been meaning to write since I first heard about digital nomads; what to write about? That was definitely one of the many obstacles, I set myself.

Sometimes you just gotta try, and then you know... you know whether it's worth pursuing!

As my flatmate admitted: "you're the least legit person I know":

I can talk about doing. And do without thinking... in this high-speed, always on world, what's the next thing to do?

1/100: Today is gonna be the day, that they're gonna..

Hey, many years later and here is the first actual blog post.

Cray cray I know!