I am not sure what to expect

When we were locked down in March last year, it had surprising novelty factor. Flour ran out in supermarkets. That was fun. We baked bread with no flour. Schools were shut. That was not so much fun, but we enjoyed home-schooling at least for a couple of weeks. My wife and I are both key-workers but taught our children for months. Too long, probably. We eventually caved and sent them to school two days a week before the summer holidays started.

This time I am just not sure what to expect. I am imagining that flour will be in stock. I am not imagining have to queue for one hour to get into Tesco. But then again, who knows?

Something else that happened early in last year's lockdown, April to be precise, is that I contracted... shingles. Again. The stress of my “vocation”, plus other influences, got to me. I had no coping strategy. I had nothing to keep myself afloat. And so my skin/immune system kind of just gave in. After that, I found several things that helped keep me sane. I might share those things at some point, if I remember.

But meanwhile, I get the feeling that writing here regularly is going to pretty cathartic. Is that the right word?

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