Yielding and being carried along by the Wind of the Spirit

Praying in tongues

As I pray in tongues for extended times, I allow the Holy Spirit to take control of me. It is a yielding of my heart to His. It takes faith - and I believe. I believe that as I do this, He comes and leads me. As I do this more, my life and ministry will become more influenced and inspired (literally "breathed into") by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I might make decisions or say things which are Spirit inspired yet I am not aware of that fact.


God is in total control. The wind blows where it wishes. I want to be swept along by the wind of the Spirit. Not trying to walk against the wind in my own will and desires, but to be carried along by Him. He knows what He is doing. I don't need to know everything, but as I allow myself to be carried along by Him, it is then He will reveal more to me.

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