Bulimic, voracious readers and their diet

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The way of the book. And silently brainstorming in downtimes (boring manual activities). This is, and remains, the optimum way in which minds intake and organize informations. Buffet's famed "reading diet" - 500 pages a day. Podcasts, audiobooks, won't cut it.
It never changed. As Nassim Taleb says, respect the old and look for habits and rules that have been around for a long time.
I (wrongly) thought I could add podcasts and audio media to my "diet". Well, it just resulted in my having earbuds 24/7, starting to need a permanent state of audio stimuli to function (podcasts or music), developping an aversion for boredom and any task demanding cold, hard focus. Losing my tolerance for boredom.
Well there, my friends, I think we found something that stayed the same for 4000 years and remains unaffected by the digital revolution, precisely because how our minds work didn't change in all those years.
P.S.: let's not even mention social media as a source of info (I here refer you to Cal Newport).
P.P.S.: except for (video based) online courses, whose value can hardly be overemohasized! Especially when it comes to using software.

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