Creative Writing Index 0

Old blog now deleted, pseudonymity should be better and more freeing.

That was from my last post. It unfortunately does not bring me the comfort I seek. But there was that word list, interesting right?

Ok so here's my little plan. I am going to for 100 days use one of those words to creatively write/write creatively (idk which to use). It will be some good practice especially since adult life rarely (seriously, can't think of a time where I have used it since school) requires it.

Rules have to be set out though so here they are:

  1. Not required to do it in succession. Life is busy, stuff happens, and so on. Forcing myself to write is worse than writing when I want to (I think, might be wrong but see rule 4)

  2. Second, the goal is to hit 100 days so just work on it. Great rule I am aware.

  3. Review these constantly to see if they can be fixed.

This is "0" so it doesn't count and I plan to start tomorrow.

Hello World

Looking forward to writing here. Old blog now deleted, pseudonymity should be better and more freeing.

Purely for testing purposes:

firth entropy bauble krishna trekking agnostic detroit reader catty gamut sieve tries starbuck shingle decease sculpin abnormal speed banish chirp unpile juneau ramrod sparge gauntlet remain ping query protect workday offset overlap bacteria nonsense uncle paring degrade leap upraise diligent diatribe inasmuch meadow blur fallen quarrel mobster morning enkindle conquest blooper cottage unsaddle forecast boogie afresh immure lustre crawl humbly

Please do not use the above as a password, it is out on the open internet. Thank you.

Bonus points if you use all of them for something.