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Old blog now deleted, pseudonymity should be better and more freeing.

That was from my last post. It unfortunately does not bring me the comfort I seek. But there was that word list, interesting right?

Ok so here's my little plan. I am going to for 100 days use one of those words to creatively write/write creatively (idk which to use). It will be some good practice especially since adult life rarely (seriously, can't think of a time where I have used it since school) requires it.

Rules have to be set out though so here they are:

  1. Not required to do it in succession. Life is busy, stuff happens, and so on. Forcing myself to write is worse than writing when I want to (I think, might be wrong but see rule 4)

  2. Second, the goal is to hit 100 days so just work on it. Great rule I am aware.

  3. Review these constantly to see if they can be fixed.

This is "0" so it doesn't count and I plan to start tomorrow.

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