Hello! Testing...

This is my first post and I am using it to test out HTML coding so I can have more control over it. I am happy. hello

This dailymotion video is here because I enjoy pro wrestling and relearning html code. This is just a post to test things out so you will see this post being updated with crap all the time. For example, this DailyMotion video used to be a youtube video of WWE's Fatal 4 Way for the Women's Tag Team Belt but youtube doesn't want to play ball, See my "Why do you need a phone number to sign up to social media platforms?". I've given it some thought and I understand why Google does this but something tells me they also do it to get your information. Info is King so long live Google.

It's been a long time since I've used standard html coding but I'm getting the hang of it. I want this blog site to be my main hub for all things "Golden Misborn". That's my alter ego that I go under. I want to freely express myself and blog sites like listed.to gives me that outlet because there's anonymity involved in it. That's what I crave in a world were I feel the internet has lost due to everyone being on it and its being used to censor people and it's on both sides of the fence in this political climate of good ole' U S of A.

So if you are reading this. That means you have come to the end of my blog. Thank You for taking your time out to read this. Now Stop, from here on out, this will just be garble crap so I can play with Listed.To....

Ok, so tags don't show up on the blog. I'll have to put NSFW on my blog post that are "not safe for work".

This is Tessa Blanchard, don't let her beauty fool you, she's actually one of the best pro wrestlers to ever step into a ring. She doesn't usually wear a mask, which by the way is H O T T T, I hope to when I start showing myself online, I will be under a mask as well.

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