This is hard for me to write because to be honest, I really don't have anything to be thankful for. At least, that's what comes to my head because my mind races with negative thoughts. I don't think it's good to be overly positive, especially; when things in reality are in dire straights. However, one can be overly negative and not thankful for what he has. So this is my blog post to put my mind back into center mode.

I'm thankful that it's not too late to change things. I'm thankful that I have wonderful friends and family that tolerate my bullshit procrastination on pretty much everything. I'm thankful that I'm still have what it takes to pursue life and my goals that I hold dearly. I'm thankful that I have enough for my rent. I'm thankful that I'm not homeless drug addict living on the streets that happen to allot of people I know.

Above all, I'm thankful that I can change things. Oh wait, I said that already! But, it's the thing I most thankful for because I haven't fucked up my whole life, not to a point where I can't come back. I just need a job, money in my pocket, and life will be great again. Why don't I have a job? Good question, I wish I knew that as well. I lost my job because new ownership came in and clean house. That's what they do, doesn't matter how many degrees you have on the wall or the experience you put in, someone could potentially do your job for much cheaper and possibly better than you ever could. Plus, and this is a big one, you won't question new management every step of the way, regardless how shitty, and trust me they are, job they are doing. They can do it their way with no problem because the new guy doesn't know any fucking better nor does he care, he's just happy to get the opportunity.

My former co-worker claims he's going to start his business in January and he wants me to go help him set it up "pro bono", if it's a success, he'd hire me. I laugh my ass off when he ask me that six months ago, here we are, almost January in over a month and it's not funny anymore. I'd said sure, why not? He'll probably fuck me over and say some shit like: "Well, i made a decent amount of money but not enough to pay you". He's possibly telling the truth, or he's bullshitting me, It really won't surprise me either way.

I'm thankful that I can help someone out since he's not taking his firing very well either. That should be enough until I land a job, hopefully; since he was a former co-worker, I can have him be a great reference, and now I'm thankful for the good reference. I spent 16 years. Wow, what the fuck was I thinking? I should have started my own business, Oh well. I'm just thankful i'm not homeless, thankful that I can change things, right? right?

Stay Golden,

So a rapper who is white won best rap album

You have to excuse me, I checked out on rap music, well, music in general since the early 2000's. If you didn't have a rap album out by then I don't know who you are and I have no idea about this white rapper that goes by Post Malone. I went on the Youtubes and checked him out. Not my cup of tea, none of these "new" rappers speak to me, sure; they have nice beats and they seem to enjoy singing more than coming up with complex lyrics, singing will push them more into the pop category. This means a wider audience and mo' money, mo' problems, mo' hoes.

However, I have no concern for Mr. Malone's talents or lack their of. My main beef is that people are upset, why? Because of the man's skin color. Ah yes, where does Golden think about it? Well, I feel indifferent about it. For you see, this isn't something new in the rap world, hell, my old ass remembers Vanilla Ice and Eminem, do they still rap? Seriously, do they still rap? That's how long I've been out of liking new artist.

It just seems that the music industry loves pushing white rappers more than they do black ones. Sad. I can think of tons of black rappers who make better music than Mr. Ice, Slim Shady, and the Beastie Boys. Yet, those three were awesome rappers who had immense talent. They only wack white rapper I can think was Mark Whalberg who went by the name Marky Mark. Yes, he tried to rap. I'm really showing my age on this one.

So, why did these white rappers, besides Marky Mark, have success to where it seemed they were getting more media attention then their black counterparts? Racism? It's a real hard question but some say it's because white people actually bought the music back in the old days, I have no idea if that's true, it might be, I know I was broke as fuck back then, still broke now if you want to be honest, I guess I could do a long research on it but fuck that, let some other journalist who actually gets paid try to break that ancient question. Did I just refer myself a journalist? My ego is too big to fail, right? wrong lol

I'm just here to say that it does seem that white rappers get more media attention. I mean who buys music today? Oh wait, so music artist today have to make money off concert and promotional type deals okay...fuck it let's do a little research, let's google most profitable artist today and the google says:

So, if you look at that list, the only white guy who is on there is Eminem, damn Slim Shady, not too shabby!

I don't see Post Malone. A quick google search for how much he's worth is 14 million. Not going to post up the link because it's fake as fuck more than likely. But, it's safe to say he was not the most profitable rapper in 2019 and I'm sure, too lazy to search, but that list of 20 artist, i know the top 5, one of them had to have an album out so what gives?

It's quite a conspiracy!

I hate to say it but their might be some Tom Foolery going on around here. Out of 20 most profitable artist, 18 being black, one white guy not PM, one rapping latino....

I don't know...

I don't know...

Fuck it, maybe he was the best, Jay-Z, Eminem, and Nas still making music? I didn't know you were allowed to rap over 40. Which one is the oldest, i bet you it's the jigga man, hold on, let's google: Damn, I was right! The Jigga man bout to be the Fiddy Man in, they old as fuck, i don't see how today's young rap audience can relate to these guys....and I used to make fun of those old white rock dudes who's audience look like they came from a nursing home.....looks like Jigga man will probably be doing the same thing in the next 5 years.

I don't know, fuck it! I'll assume AMA is not corrupt and actually tried to give merit on talent and they crowned the best rap album and that happens to be by the one and only Post Malone, is that okay? No? Too fucking bad because that's what happened. Peace.

Kanye West Doesn't Care About Strippers!

So Kanye West wants to be a preacher, me too. I have no problem with that. I consider myself to be a spiritual person as well and although I don't consider myself to be a Christian like Kanye or Mr. Olsteen, that is also in the picture above, I believe in universal truth and that all religions of the world have that. If you need an example, look no further than the "Golden Rule".

Having said all that, I do have a bone to pick with Mr. West. According to Complex, while having his "sunday preaching" with the Mr. Olsteen, he made some comments that didn't sit right with me, here it is in the block quote:

“They got posters advertising sex trafficking because if there’s an advertisement for a strip club, that is advertising sex trafficking,” Ye explained around the . “At the end of the night, when they close up, the manager says, ‘How much traffic do we have?’” he asked. source: Complex

No, that's all wrong. Sex trafficking is the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, obtaining, patronizing, or soliciting of a person for the purposes of a commercial sex act, in which the commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such an act has not attained 18 years of age (22 USC § 7102).

To put simply, strip clubs are not that. Firstly, you have to be over the age of 18 to work in a strip club. Second, "most" women, and yes I said most, we will get back to that in a moment, choose under their own volition to work in these type of establishments. Some are even happy doing it, I personally know a handful of women who claim stripping is way better than most jobs like being a waitress or bartender.

Okay, I said "most" with quotations, why? Well, there are some women who are forced into doing things they don't want to do by their boyfriends, pimp, and yes, disgustingly by their own family members. I actually met a woman who told she was made to strip because her mother made her do it to get easy money, what a world we live in. All of this is called "Sex Trafficking". THIS IS ILLEGAL.

The strip club, being a legal establishment, who gives the opportunity to strip under their own volition IS NOT ILLEGAL. In fact, I would say it's a noble profession what they do and I thank them for doing just that. Yes, I love strip clubs and I met allot of women there who love their job and Kanye should know the difference.

It bothers me he says these things because he has celebrity clout that most people look up to, and to just say that strip clubs are sex trafficking is wrong and gives the wrong impression. Sex is a good thing, yes, like all things in life, it could be used for evil, not saying that, what I am saying is, their are positive things that comes with Sex working and one should have a more open mind than just degrading it.

According to complex, Kanye went on another tirade about alcohol, which is fine with me, I'm on the fence with it. I do believe alcohol is bad thing but only when people abuse it. Again, I think that's the whole point to my blog post. It's under the person's volition and you can't condemned a whole thing just because Mr. West doesn't like it. Which I find amusing since the man that he supports also supports Sex Workers, he just doesn't like it when they tell all to the public. Come to think of it, I guess I can agree with Mr. Trump on that one. I would hate it to if I paid a pornstar to fuck me and then paid again to be quiet, and then she blabbed to the media.

Joined Mastodon!

And I think I found my home until I can purchase a burner phone to use twitter, but we will see what happens with Mastodon. I hope to resolve my issues with Gab but I think I'm just going to leave them for this platform. They are an open source platform so that's good news for me. I just wish it had the audience that Twitter has but with Twitter wanting your personal information, I have no choice but NOT to use them.

Still, to be continued...

Stay Golden,

I have been blocked from Gab

So twitter refuses to let me on their platform. They want a phone number, they claim you can sign up with just an email but if you try to do that, this happens:

So, it's a no go. Just like using google products, I had to search for an alternative. That's how I landed on I was in luck, all they wanted was an email, which I was more than happy to obliged and everything seem fine. I "gabbed" my first comment, "Fuck Twitter". Next thing I knew I was banned as you can see from the image above. Now, I am not saying that they banned me for those comments, I'm just saying I have no idea why.I've emailed them with the address that they have on the "Terms of Service" on November 21 and yet to be contacted. So I have no choice to look for a new twitter/gab alternative until this can be resolved.

It worries me deeply about the privacy we are forced to give away to these companies for the privilege of using their product. I get it, our personal identity and information is the price we pay to use these platforms but I'm sorry, anonymity on the internet, I will not give up,to be continued...

Stay Golden,

Why do you need a phone number to sign up to social media platforms?

So, I tried to sign up to youtube today because I want to start a video channel starring my alter ego, “Golden Misborn”. Alas, I can not do that because they require you to have a phone number. I tried going the email route but that didn’t work either. They said that they needed to verify with a phone number which I think is bullshit. They claim to say they do it to cut off spam and people who abuse, which I think okay, people abusing the system but where does that go for people who want pure anonymity?

This isn’t just Google products, I also tried to sign up to a popular hosting image site, “imugr” to start hosting my images that I put on this very blog plus message boards I’m going to frequent. Alas, they want a phone number too, sigh. I guess anonymity is dead, at least when it comes to popular social media platforms it does.

I tried to use a burner app phone number but they are hip to that as well. So, I guess I’m stuck for the time being. I don’t have any money to go out and buy a “real” burner phone so I can use social media platforms. So I guess I’ll have to rely on alternatives for the time being which sucks because we all know that platforms like Youtube and Twitter is the place to be. Again, they are alternatives out there which I’ve signed up to and testing out right now. As you know, for my blogging needs, I’m using Listed as my go to blogging platform and It’s worked out great. For video, DailyMotion requires no phone number but they do require an email address but EVERY social platform ask for an email and getting an email address that doesn’t require you to give a phone number or back up email is another can of worms. For images, I’m using IMGBox which seems to work for now. There’s tons of image hosting sites and if for some reason IMGBox doesn’t work, I can easily switch it out for another image site.

So back to the answer that these “free” social platforms give us, the whole “we use it to weed out spam and abusers” spill. Okay, that’s a decent answer but isn’t there a better way to handle this? There are some non-abusing and non-spammers who use these platforms that crave anonymity just as well. I have another trick up my sleeve, when I get some money I’ll just buy a real burner phone and see if that works. If it doesn’t, guess I’m screwed. Or maybe I should sit back and see what DailyMotion can do for me. Perhaps I can find a micro blog that is similar to twitter, I’ll have to check into that. Well, I’ll end this here because I have to go look on how to use bitcoin so I can e-beg. Peace.

Hello! Testing...

This is my first post and I am using it to test out HTML coding so I can have more control over it. I am happy. hello

This dailymotion video is here because I enjoy pro wrestling and relearning html code. This is just a post to test things out so you will see this post being updated with crap all the time. For example, this DailyMotion video used to be a youtube video of WWE's Fatal 4 Way for the Women's Tag Team Belt but youtube doesn't want to play ball, See my "Why do you need a phone number to sign up to social media platforms?". I've given it some thought and I understand why Google does this but something tells me they also do it to get your information. Info is King so long live Google.

It's been a long time since I've used standard html coding but I'm getting the hang of it. I want this blog site to be my main hub for all things "Golden Misborn". That's my alter ego that I go under. I want to freely express myself and blog sites like gives me that outlet because there's anonymity involved in it. That's what I crave in a world were I feel the internet has lost due to everyone being on it and its being used to censor people and it's on both sides of the fence in this political climate of good ole' U S of A.

So if you are reading this. That means you have come to the end of my blog. Thank You for taking your time out to read this. Now Stop, from here on out, this will just be garble crap so I can play with Listed.To....

Ok, so tags don't show up on the blog. I'll have to put NSFW on my blog post that are "not safe for work".

This is Tessa Blanchard, don't let her beauty fool you, she's actually one of the best pro wrestlers to ever step into a ring. She doesn't usually wear a mask, which by the way is H O T T T, I hope to when I start showing myself online, I will be under a mask as well.