I have been blocked from Gab

So twitter refuses to let me on their platform. They want a phone number, they claim you can sign up with just an email but if you try to do that, this happens:

So, it's a no go. Just like using google products, I had to search for an alternative. That's how I landed on gab.com. I was in luck, all they wanted was an email, which I was more than happy to obliged and everything seem fine. I "gabbed" my first comment, "Fuck Twitter". Next thing I knew I was banned as you can see from the image above. Now, I am not saying that they banned me for those comments, I'm just saying I have no idea why.I've emailed them with the address that they have on the "Terms of Service" on November 21 and yet to be contacted. So I have no choice to look for a new twitter/gab alternative until this can be resolved.

It worries me deeply about the privacy we are forced to give away to these companies for the privilege of using their product. I get it, our personal identity and information is the price we pay to use these platforms but I'm sorry, anonymity on the internet, I will not give up,to be continued...

Stay Golden,

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