So a rapper who is white won best rap album

You have to excuse me, I checked out on rap music, well, music in general since the early 2000's. If you didn't have a rap album out by then I don't know who you are and I have no idea about this white rapper that goes by Post Malone. I went on the Youtubes and checked him out. Not my cup of tea, none of these "new" rappers speak to me, sure; they have nice beats and they seem to enjoy singing more than coming up with complex lyrics, singing will push them more into the pop category. This means a wider audience and mo' money, mo' problems, mo' hoes.

However, I have no concern for Mr. Malone's talents or lack their of. My main beef is that people are upset, why? Because of the man's skin color. Ah yes, where does Golden think about it? Well, I feel indifferent about it. For you see, this isn't something new in the rap world, hell, my old ass remembers Vanilla Ice and Eminem, do they still rap? Seriously, do they still rap? That's how long I've been out of liking new artist.

It just seems that the music industry loves pushing white rappers more than they do black ones. Sad. I can think of tons of black rappers who make better music than Mr. Ice, Slim Shady, and the Beastie Boys. Yet, those three were awesome rappers who had immense talent. They only wack white rapper I can think was Mark Whalberg who went by the name Marky Mark. Yes, he tried to rap. I'm really showing my age on this one.

So, why did these white rappers, besides Marky Mark, have success to where it seemed they were getting more media attention then their black counterparts? Racism? It's a real hard question but some say it's because white people actually bought the music back in the old days, I have no idea if that's true, it might be, I know I was broke as fuck back then, still broke now if you want to be honest, I guess I could do a long research on it but fuck that, let some other journalist who actually gets paid try to break that ancient question. Did I just refer myself a journalist? My ego is too big to fail, right? wrong lol

I'm just here to say that it does seem that white rappers get more media attention. I mean who buys music today? Oh wait, so music artist today have to make money off concert and promotional type deals okay...fuck it let's do a little research, let's google most profitable artist today and the google says:

So, if you look at that list, the only white guy who is on there is Eminem, damn Slim Shady, not too shabby!

I don't see Post Malone. A quick google search for how much he's worth is 14 million. Not going to post up the link because it's fake as fuck more than likely. But, it's safe to say he was not the most profitable rapper in 2019 and I'm sure, too lazy to search, but that list of 20 artist, i know the top 5, one of them had to have an album out so what gives?

It's quite a conspiracy!

I hate to say it but their might be some Tom Foolery going on around here. Out of 20 most profitable artist, 18 being black, one white guy not PM, one rapping latino....

I don't know...

I don't know...

Fuck it, maybe he was the best, Jay-Z, Eminem, and Nas still making music? I didn't know you were allowed to rap over 40. Which one is the oldest, i bet you it's the jigga man, hold on, let's google: Damn, I was right! The Jigga man bout to be the Fiddy Man in, they old as fuck, i don't see how today's young rap audience can relate to these guys....and I used to make fun of those old white rock dudes who's audience look like they came from a nursing home.....looks like Jigga man will probably be doing the same thing in the next 5 years.

I don't know, fuck it! I'll assume AMA is not corrupt and actually tried to give merit on talent and they crowned the best rap album and that happens to be by the one and only Post Malone, is that okay? No? Too fucking bad because that's what happened. Peace.

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