This is hard for me to write because to be honest, I really don't have anything to be thankful for. At least, that's what comes to my head because my mind races with negative thoughts. I don't think it's good to be overly positive, especially; when things in reality are in dire straights. However, one can be overly negative and not thankful for what he has. So this is my blog post to put my mind back into center mode.

I'm thankful that it's not too late to change things. I'm thankful that I have wonderful friends and family that tolerate my bullshit procrastination on pretty much everything. I'm thankful that I'm still have what it takes to pursue life and my goals that I hold dearly. I'm thankful that I have enough for my rent. I'm thankful that I'm not homeless drug addict living on the streets that happen to allot of people I know.

Above all, I'm thankful that I can change things. Oh wait, I said that already! But, it's the thing I most thankful for because I haven't fucked up my whole life, not to a point where I can't come back. I just need a job, money in my pocket, and life will be great again. Why don't I have a job? Good question, I wish I knew that as well. I lost my job because new ownership came in and clean house. That's what they do, doesn't matter how many degrees you have on the wall or the experience you put in, someone could potentially do your job for much cheaper and possibly better than you ever could. Plus, and this is a big one, you won't question new management every step of the way, regardless how shitty, and trust me they are, job they are doing. They can do it their way with no problem because the new guy doesn't know any fucking better nor does he care, he's just happy to get the opportunity.

My former co-worker claims he's going to start his business in January and he wants me to go help him set it up "pro bono", if it's a success, he'd hire me. I laugh my ass off when he ask me that six months ago, here we are, almost January in over a month and it's not funny anymore. I'd said sure, why not? He'll probably fuck me over and say some shit like: "Well, i made a decent amount of money but not enough to pay you". He's possibly telling the truth, or he's bullshitting me, It really won't surprise me either way.

I'm thankful that I can help someone out since he's not taking his firing very well either. That should be enough until I land a job, hopefully; since he was a former co-worker, I can have him be a great reference, and now I'm thankful for the good reference. I spent 16 years. Wow, what the fuck was I thinking? I should have started my own business, Oh well. I'm just thankful i'm not homeless, thankful that I can change things, right? right?

Stay Golden,

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