Day 11 #100days of writing try 2

My kid woke me up at 6:15 and asked me to help her get ready to school. For some reason she was anxious to go to school. I helped her and I started to office. 

Got to read 2 articles about how to being a senoir developer. Learnt that there are "Senior Developers" and then "Developers with Seniority" I fall into the second category right now. I make things work and then move on. (Author call this people CodeMonkeys). But the so called senior developers continuously go on improving the code. 

There would be technical debt in the code meaning the bugs which are open needs to be fixed or refactor pending or improved debugging capabilities. Senior developers make sure the debt is low. 

Good to know that I am a code monkey all through. I guess its time to dig deep and be the programmer I wanted to be.

I had a very productive day at office today.

Good night. Peace

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