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Day 23 #100days of writing try 2

My productive day continues. Had all the professional goals for today completed. Learning goals not so much just learned some java and read an article on HBR.

Solved a long standing customer issue for a client with over 3 hours in a call.

Read in HBR about how to build a resilient team.

The key take away is that for a successful organisation its just not enough for individuals to be resilient to the adversities. Leaders should make sure that they build a team with

  • Candor
  • care for each other
  • knowing each ones strength and weakness
  • good debrief/retrospective after a setback
  • free thinkers and freedom to express innovative ideas without being ridiculed.

That is all I learned today.

What am I grateful for today: I thank the almighty for giving me financial strength to donate to floods in Assam and Bihar in India.


Day 22 #100days of writing try 2

Worked from home today since it was raining heavily and felt tired after yesterday's travel. And I was atleast twice as productive as working in office.

ground out the day from 9 to 5 with just one lunch break and that is it.

Walked for 2 kms while listening to "Sapiens" audio book. Came across a cool concept called "Types of Chaos"

Type 1 Chaos system is the one where the prediction of the event does not have any effect on the system itself. Example is weather prediction meaning irrespective of the prediction we make weather is controlled by just the finite contributing forces.

Type 2 Chaotic system us the one where the prediction of the outcome will have the effect of the system contributing to the actual outcome. Examples are Markets and Political systems where the very prediction of one outcome will affect the actual outcome itself. Example if the predicted price of oil tomorrow is very high than what it is today then people would buy more which will make the predicted price to be hit today rather than tomorrow.

Interesting isn't it.

And watched Gully boy movie and learnt little bit of Ocaml.

What am I grateful today: I am grateful for spending time with my kids and avoid a very long travel and enjoy the rain from the comfort of my home.


Day 21 #100days of writing try 2

Had a nice day visited my native and worshipped the Goddess "Moongathamman" she is the one who is protects our village and the villagers. We always go the temple and worship her during the first week of "Aadi" Month in Tamil calender.

The month is special for goddesses and people make Raagi based dishes and also gravy prepared by using brinjal,potato,raw banana and dried fish. Also drumstic spinach dish is used as side dish.

Polytheistic religion like Hinduism(just a collective name for the beliefs in India) is fun and presents many oppurtunites to socialize and interact with people. And Hinduism by nature is liberal meaning anyone can follow theior beliefs irrespective of the shared realities.

Coming to my learning plan to tech up my skills
Just practised programming in Python. Today I should have learnt some Angular and CSS but had to visit my native as I said in the morning and attend a relatives function in the evening. So damn tired I will take rest today.

May be try angular and CSS for 10 mins before I go to bed. I wanted to make sure I completed my journal just before the tiredness takes over.

What am I grateful for today: I thank the almighty for presenting me the oppurtunity to worship her today and also giving me a chance to be with my relatives for some time.


Day 20 #100days of writing try 2

Very very productive day today.

What did I learn today

  1. Java
  2. HTML
  3. Javascript
  4. Angular
  5. read an article in Harvard Business review
  6. Typescript

and played with kids, took wife to hospital she had indigestion, went for a walk, Watched Novok Djokowic's interview and listened to audible book of Sapiens when I went for a walk.

So much that it would feel like crazy but all this managed by technology reminding me to do what I planned for.

And I take liberty to add to thinks but don't remove anything planned. My entire week is planned so I kind of exactly know what to do when.

And while listening to Sapiens I came across a good quote "Those who do not crave cannot suffer" this is the basic principle of Buddhism which is kind of obvious that when you remove the cause the effect will cease to exist.

So true but very difficult to implement. We crave for one thing or the other. But Buddha says that we can put the mind in that state and calls it true liberation.

What am I grateful today: I am happy that almighty gave me the power to think about myself and course correct when I find myself wanting.


Day 19 #100days of writing try 2

Okish day at office. Done what I set out to do. I have been waking up early for the past 2 days like around 5:45 am and then reading Harvard Business Review articles for some time and today I installed my new harddisk which is a Samsung SSD 1TB.

And started installing the apps I lost when my last harddisk crashed.

And with the Habit loops app I've been able to keep up with the habits I deceided to do.

One thing which I would change in the coming days is to sleep early. I've been sleeping around 11.30 pm and waking up at 5.45 am. It seems ok for now but it will take its toll on my thinking ability and physically too.

Yet to start reading magic of thinking big. Should be able to start reading it tomorrow.

What I am grateful for today: I'm grateful to have 3 satisfying meals per day and tea twice a day.


Day 18 #100days of writing try 2

Done with most of the habits that I wanted not to break the chain on. I guess I am kind of started to hit the ground running. It seems fast but looks sustainable with the tools I have.
Have scheduled the activities and areas of improvements that I have procrastinated for long.

Will take habit inventory for the next thirty days from tomorrow to see where I am spending my most time on.

Talking of the time tracker I remember a app called SmartTime which I used to have but forgot for months now. Let me dig that up.
And I had a very good day at office and a productive one indeed. Had fun socialisig with colleagues during a ice cream social organised by our HR team.
I am having fun starting to make myself better everyday.

I thank the almighty to give me this chance to share stuff to unknown people and giving me the ablity to read and write.

Finished 50% of Sapiens book which I was listening when I was going for walk everyday.  It is a massive 15 hour audio book. So far finished around 7.5 hours. It is interesting with views (not necessarily facts) on human evolution and about how money,sex,race,religion evolved. Interesting read.
For reading from kindle I am thinking of picking up "Magic of thinking big" right now I am busy applying what I have learnt from atomic habits. 

Cheers. Goodnight.

Day 17 #100days of writing try 2

Took off from work. Had to get a govermnet id card for my younger kid.

Had a good rest day since I was tired from yesterday latenight study of the Atomic habits.

Also started to do few habits which will enahnce my work life. I have 8 or 9 items spread across 7 days to read or learn like programming languages/frameworks and concepts.

Thinking of changing to different company. Purely because I need to increase my take home salary. My current company is best in work life balance there is but need to up my financial freedom so need a couple of years of high paying job.

Its always a tradeoff between time and money so I am thinking of trading my time to extra money. I know the comapanies that pay better than my currrent ones does not have a good work life balance. But I will give it a try.

I have also being working on creating alternative streams of income creating courses in the areas of my expertise which I gained over a decade and half in my job.

Below are the thing which I am thinking of improving in the next 6 months.

  1. Expand vocabulary in English
  2. Brush up Algorithm fundamentals
  3. Get stronger in Python to use it as primary problem solving language in interviews
  4. Update the resume and make sure it is clear and concise.
  5. Practice problem solving.
  6. Brush up SQL and NoSQL fundamentals.

I guess I will be able to switch with good increase in pay. But for now I just have the eye on the process which I am trying to put in place. I would take this week to do that and then will be in the grind.

Fun times isn't it.


Day 16 #100days of writing try 2

Not so great productive day at office. But a good productive day personally. 

Learnt a new technical stuff which would help me in my official project at hand. But what was more satisfying is my reading habit today. 

I read about 4 hours today. Read a Harvard Business review article about "Persuasion" which outlined how the art of persuasion was handled from Ancient Greece to modern era. The compilation is from the ideas of Aristotle.

1. Ethos or Character - Establish your identity with the audience and make sure it doesn't conflict with what you are preaching.

2. Logos or reason - Appeal to the logic or reasoning of the audience.

3. Pathos or Emotion - Include storytelling to strike chord with the audience emotion.

4. Metaphor - Use metaphors to get the message across.

5. Brevity - Put the most important point you would like to convey first, as attention span is less.

It was a good article you can find it on .

Then I completed the book Atomic habits. Well written and engaging and consisted of awesome ideas to acquire/remove good/bad habits. Looking forward to use them in real life. It has given a set of tools and a framework to acquire habits and incorporate continuous improvement through reflection and review. Will review the book one more time and also the cheat sheet that came with it. 

It is a must read. So pick it up if you get a chance. And I'm not getting paid by anybody to suggest this book. I really believe this would have a impact on readers life. So my goal of 12 books this year got kickstarted with the first book I completed reading. 11 more to go. I started late. but as the saying goes "Better late than never".

Cheers. Good night. 

Day 15 #100days of writing try 2

It started as a bright Monday and ended up with a rainy night. Had a not so productive day at office but managed to finish what I deceided to do.

Went for a walk for 60 mins listening to Sapiens audio book. Today the author was explaining about how imagined realities continued to exist and explained the concepts of objectivity, subjectivity and inter-subjectivity where the last one is what makes it possible to make the imagined realities like nationalism, religion and caste divisions to exist or even thrive.

Read a chapter of Atomic habits. Started the section that deals with the fourth and final law of behaviour change. "Make it satisfying"

It goes like this "The Cardinal Rule of Behavior Change: What is immediately rewarded is repeated. What is immediately punished is avoided. You learn what to do in the future based on what you were rewarded for doing (or punished for doing) in the past. Positive emotions cultivate habits. Negative emotions destroy them."

This is so true. The first three laws deals with how can you do the habit for this one time and the last one is the one that makes us do it repeatedly. 

A year or two ago I read the book called "Marshmellow Tests" where there are multiple research experiments which studied how people who choose delayed bigger rewards to smaller immediate rewards succeed in life. The ability to see the difference in the two and take a good decision had impact on every dimension of the life. 

And I liked the idea of "Reinforcement" to enhance the likelihood of us getting instant gratification  and repeating the habit. I we want to stop window shopping on amazon or something like that. Everytime you decide against an unnecessary expence just transfer an equivalent amount to the savings account. This action would give us instant gratification of money coming into savings account rather than the hard sacrifice feeling we get when we decide against the unnecessary purchase. Reinforment can be used until the intrinsic rewards of good habits to kick in after that we will be on auto pilot. 

I am grateful for another funfilled day and the time God has given me to relax.

Cheers Goodnight.

Day 14 #100days of writing try 2

One most important thing I learned today reading atomic habits is that "Whenever you decide to start a habit start small and add in smal increments. Use a two minute rule. If you want to run a Marathon. Decide to put on running shoes daily in the morning. The small habit would make it easy to do daily and then you can improve on it. Standardise before you optimize."

That makes perfect sense. And thinking about the 100 day writing challenge. I see that deciding to write like opening the Standard notes and keying in the few words daily is the ritual. There is no set target other than that. Once this becomes automatic then it is easy to write 500 words then 1000 words then 5000 words and then a book. 

Don't start a habit of writing a book or 1000 words a day. Start with the habit of writing something each day.

This applies for everything. And whats good about this is you can use the converse of this to remove bad habits. Make the bad habits difficult to do. Uninstall the apps that suck you time and steal you family time. 

Also logged into good reads today and saw about 115 want to read books and its been like that for the past 6 months. Other than the audio books I listen during my commute to office I didn't really read for 6 months and good that I picked up atomic habits. 

It is definitely making the difference. The one thing I am grateful about today is that the Almighty has given me time and environment to read and progress in the betterment of my quality of life.

Goodnight. Cheers. 

Day 13 #100days of writing try 2

Today is a quality day spent with my family.

Attended Parent teachers meeting of both my kids. Talked to my mom and also listened to nostalgic songs and listened to good music. 

Listened to Mozarts music and also M.S Vishwanathan songs. 

Fulfilling day with me reading more  than 2 chapters of atomic habits. 

finished reading first law of Habit development. "Make the cue obvious"

Now reading the chapters of second law of habit formation "Make the habit attractive"

Read few stuff about financial sucess from Ramit Sethi. financial education is very important I realized it few years ago but taking steps now to acquire that. 

Have a good weekend folks.

Cheers. :)

Day 12 #100days of writing try 2

Had a very productive day at office. Most of the time coding and nothing else. 

Talked to my long time friend. It brings back profound memories or nostalgic memories to be precise. 

Speaking of profound I heard about the book "The Prophet"  by Khalil Gibran poetics essays. 

The profound thing that it was talking about is that the same things that gives us worry is the same thing that gives us joy. Profound isn't it.


Day 11 #100days of writing try 2

My kid woke me up at 6:15 and asked me to help her get ready to school. For some reason she was anxious to go to school. I helped her and I started to office. 

Got to read 2 articles about how to being a senoir developer. Learnt that there are "Senior Developers" and then "Developers with Seniority" I fall into the second category right now. I make things work and then move on. (Author call this people CodeMonkeys). But the so called senior developers continuously go on improving the code. 

There would be technical debt in the code meaning the bugs which are open needs to be fixed or refactor pending or improved debugging capabilities. Senior developers make sure the debt is low. 

Good to know that I am a code monkey all through. I guess its time to dig deep and be the programmer I wanted to be.

I had a very productive day at office today.

Good night. Peace

Day 10 #100days of writing try 2

Damn India cricket team lost the world cup semi finals. Terribly disappointed. But nothing can be done other than to move on. 

Woke up at 6:50 am and got my kids ready to school and had a good productive day at office.

Learnt few new things. Didn't get a chance to read atomic habits today. Need to restart my walking routine. May be I will start jogging. 

Listened to Bach-The Well Tempered Clavier piano classic. And also few of Pomp and cisrcumstance march music today. 

They really are very soothing and calming.

Music really works magic no??

Goodnight. Peace.

Day 9 #100days of writing try 2

"Motivation is overrated; Environment is what really matters" is the chapter I read today as part of the Atomic habits book. Currently I am reading through the chapter which explains how environment plays a role in shaping a habit.

Habit has four ingredients Cue Craving Response Reward. Environment comes in that creates the cue part and craving part. So to change an old bad habit or to follow a new good habit it is worthwhile to try changing the environment even in the smallest possible way.

"A stable environment is where everything has a place and a purpose is an environment where a habit can form"

When we start assosiating the cue with an object it actually spreads to the context in which the object is in . 

Also author talks about a phenonmena called  "Suggestion Impulse Buying" where people actually don't buy what they want but how a specific stuff is shown to them. This makes them think how to use the thing that is shown in an ad. The ad sets up both the cue and craving. 

And I now know how I buy so many thing which I actually don't need. he he he.

That's one chapter of the book it had few other case studies and good insights. 

Today was a productive day at work. Woke up late like 7.10 am and did the errands I do daily and reached office at usual time and did what I do best. Code!

Good night. Peace. 

Day 8 #100days of writing try 2

Today is a very productive day. Woke up at 5.45 am and got my younger kid ready to school. And started to office.

I have reduced drinking tea so I replaced tea with just hot water. I see no difference really. I will keep looking for any withdrawal effects or something like that. But I feel great. 

Read a chapter of atomic habits and today is mostly work day. 

Looking upto the semi final clash tomorrow between India and Newzealand in the cricket world cup.

I have also trying to reduce my weight so I am going on a balanced diet coupled with Jogs which I am starting tomorrow. I will add the running updates also tomorrow. 

Just noticed I haven't published my yesterdays entry so publishing it now. 

Cheers. Goodnight.

Day 7 #100days of writing try 2

Sunday is always a happening day since I get more rest than errands to do. But I made sure I made my working desk tidy and threw few unwanted stuff out.
Read few pages of atomic habits and also spent quality time with my kid explaining her the meaning of the poem "The Road not taken" by Robert Frost. It brought me more of my high school memories. I helped my kid with her homework.
And I was contemplating about what success for me looked like. I always wanted to be a sharp programmer and wanted to have a AI assistant that can do what I think. May be inspired by Iron man but I had this vision when I was a kid.
May be it will be a reality one day. But I guess I will have it one day.
Also today I was thinking about how to live the life and it made sense to live life like there is no tomorrow. We thought about tomorrow when the sapiens started doing agriculture. When we were hunter and gatherers there was very less emphasis on the future and the experts say that people at that time would have had less stress.

And today is the birthday of my fav cricketing legend MS Dhoni.

It's going to be a great week. Good night.

Day 6 #100days of writing try 2

Woke up at 7:30. The water scarcity has subsided as there were rains in the past week improving the ground water levels. So free from filling the water from corporation water pipes.

My 2TB harddisk crashed on me. It had few bad sectors. I am using 2TB seagate Firecuda it had its problems. Looking to switch to a solid state drive.

Anyways fixed them and got my laptop up and running. 

Had doctor appointments for my kid and taken them out for a bike ride and bought them new helmets to wear during bike rides.

Nothing much done today. Played a starcraft 2 game  which lasts 25 minutes at max.

Peace. Goodnight

Day 5 #100days of writing try 2

Woke up at 5:45 and helped to fill water in the storage container from the corporation tap which doubled up as an early morning excercise

Went to office early and do what I do best. Sent off a friend who is going abroad for higher studies. I have been sending off so many people close to me. They pursue the carriers which shows promise, well who does not?? hm.

Have gone for a walk, played one starcraft game and stared at the stars.. well stared at the clouds and meditated a bit.

Felt the soft drizzle of the summer convectional rain brought by the sea breeze. Perks of being in a coastal town. And thinking about the abundance in the universe. While we on earth cram for resources the entire universe is about abundance. Still giving it a thought. There would definitely be a time where the human race would exhaust the earth with the kind of un sustainable development that is on. But they might be successful in reaching a planet which might sustain life. But I would like humans change the course of history with their better clean and sustainable tech.

Peace and Good night.


Day 4 #100days of writing try 2

Happy July 4th.

Today is the first day my kid went to school junior KG. She was very excited to go to school. The school actually opened a week back but my little one was affected with rashes so she was not able to go to school on the actual open date.

She was so anxious to go to school and it was rooted in the new uniform bag, box and pencil. Small things makes her happy. And it brought me a deluge of emotions and memories right from my childhood. 

Was down with stomach upset and dehydration but the butterfies of her first day to school gave me energy to take her to school and getting her back. Did not go to office applied for sick leave.

Went for a 3K walk while listening to Sapiens. Interestingly it had mention of Declartion of independence and that reference came on the Independence day. Whats more interesting is the way the author translated the declaration in the perspective of biology.

Nothing much other than this. And its been a week since I read Atomic habits. Will continue it tomorrow.

Peace. Goodnight.