Day 9 #100days of writing try 2

"Motivation is overrated; Environment is what really matters" is the chapter I read today as part of the Atomic habits book. Currently I am reading through the chapter which explains how environment plays a role in shaping a habit.

Habit has four ingredients Cue Craving Response Reward. Environment comes in that creates the cue part and craving part. So to change an old bad habit or to follow a new good habit it is worthwhile to try changing the environment even in the smallest possible way.

"A stable environment is where everything has a place and a purpose is an environment where a habit can form"

When we start assosiating the cue with an object it actually spreads to the context in which the object is in . 

Also author talks about a phenonmena called  "Suggestion Impulse Buying" where people actually don't buy what they want but how a specific stuff is shown to them. This makes them think how to use the thing that is shown in an ad. The ad sets up both the cue and craving. 

And I now know how I buy so many thing which I actually don't need. he he he.

That's one chapter of the book it had few other case studies and good insights. 

Today was a productive day at work. Woke up late like 7.10 am and did the errands I do daily and reached office at usual time and did what I do best. Code!

Good night. Peace. 

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