Day 5 #100days of writing try 2

Woke up at 5:45 and helped to fill water in the storage container from the corporation tap which doubled up as an early morning excercise

Went to office early and do what I do best. Sent off a friend who is going abroad for higher studies. I have been sending off so many people close to me. They pursue the carriers which shows promise, well who does not?? hm.

Have gone for a walk, played one starcraft game and stared at the stars.. well stared at the clouds and meditated a bit.

Felt the soft drizzle of the summer convectional rain brought by the sea breeze. Perks of being in a coastal town. And thinking about the abundance in the universe. While we on earth cram for resources the entire universe is about abundance. Still giving it a thought. There would definitely be a time where the human race would exhaust the earth with the kind of un sustainable development that is on. But they might be successful in reaching a planet which might sustain life. But I would like humans change the course of history with their better clean and sustainable tech.

Peace and Good night.


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