Day 4 #100days of writing try 2

Happy July 4th.

Today is the first day my kid went to school junior KG. She was very excited to go to school. The school actually opened a week back but my little one was affected with rashes so she was not able to go to school on the actual open date.

She was so anxious to go to school and it was rooted in the new uniform bag, box and pencil. Small things makes her happy. And it brought me a deluge of emotions and memories right from my childhood. 

Was down with stomach upset and dehydration but the butterfies of her first day to school gave me energy to take her to school and getting her back. Did not go to office applied for sick leave.

Went for a 3K walk while listening to Sapiens. Interestingly it had mention of Declartion of independence and that reference came on the Independence day. Whats more interesting is the way the author translated the declaration in the perspective of biology.

Nothing much other than this. And its been a week since I read Atomic habits. Will continue it tomorrow.

Peace. Goodnight.

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