Day 3 #100days of writing try 2

Woke up at 6.00 am and played a game of starcraft. Helped my kid to do eye exercise and accupressure and made my bed which is the first win of the day.

Reached office early and closed few planned tasks. I have subscribed to HBR so got to read the latest issue. It contains stimulating thoughts and ideas.

Had a good chat with long time friend. She sounded so cryptic out of the blue asking me to realise my full potential and make use of what I learnt. I too have that same feeling for long not realising my true potential of not putting into use what I have got atleast.

Mediocrity is humans biggest enemy but the point is I have no regrets so far that is but I am not sure if it will be that way for long. The only guideline I measure myself against is that I should not have much regrets so will try to do my best.

Peace. Good night.

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