Day 2 #100days of writing try 2

Fresh from the win of my favourite sports team "Indian cricket team" The Men in Blue against one of the arch rivals Bangladesh. India gathers run hitting hard and gets 6 and 4 runs but play out too many balls without runs. But on the other hand Bangladesh accumulates runs in 1s and 2s but keeps the dot balls percentage low. They gave a tough fight but Men in Blue prevailed. 

Still thrown off of all the routines I have planned. Skipped walking and reading. Too tired to do anything right now other than writing. For writing makes me feel complete everyday. 

Not a productive day at office. Was in full of anxiety leading up to the game of cricket. 

But accomplished important tasks that I have planned to do today. 

The books "Sapiens" have put so many things in perspective. There has been lot of talk about The plants and animals that humans domesticated. But in reality its the aggicultural cereals and pulses that have domesticated the otherwise hunting and gathering human race. It is such a revelation on why epidemic diseases became prevalent after agriculture started and why they had no chance of spreading when people where constantly moving around.

If you get a chance add the book to your reading list. 

Peace and love.

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