Day 1 #100days of writing try 2

Thrown off of the routine yesterday. Got acute water crisis in my city due to ground water going scarce. So had to run all the errands associated with making enough water to drink bath and clean utensils. Did not get a chance to write yesterday. 

So restarting the 100 days of writing challenge today. Got to stay home today to fix the water pump that pumps the water from the borewell to the water storage tank in the first floor. So no office today. And since most of the team is in US this would be a light week due to July 4th weekend holidays. I guess this will be a right time to get some breather and get rejuvenated.

I feel like I am just easily thrown off the routine and impulsive. May be a midlife crisis or acute symptoms of it. I have achieved all my childhood goals. It's a mistake that I haven't dreamt high enough. Now when I set more goals they don't matter to me much or it is very hard to internalise. So goal setting should be done early enough or we need to put in very deep effort to find our purpose. And then work towards it. 

I am resetting my goals again and again but I guess I need to either find one soon or be a goal nomad going with the flow. 

In the coming days I will describe about the person I want to become and let you guys know how things go. Anyway we will be in touch daily.

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