Day 12 #100days of writing

Good day today. 

Completed my walk, played good starcraft games. Listened to Sapiens audio book for 30 mins. 

And importantly learnt a new Computer language from my Kid. Been in computer programming industry for a decade and half now and now I come across for the first time an educative programming language called "Logo"  based in which there are tools developed as open source software at MIT, Berkeley.

I am fascinated by it meaning that it was around when I was a school kid I guess but never came across it. Might have been a premier software during that time. It could do 3D view ports and 3d diagrams etc. 

This teaches me that there is no end to learning and all we need to do is open our senses and keep looking for things we expect it life.



22:41 29th June 2019 Indian Standard Time.

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