Day 11 #100days of writing

Snoozed the alarm one more day. This week I am defeated but will rise back up strong. Why am I defeated? Because I did not plan well and did not follow my night routine. Slept late, watched videos, checked emails etc. I will do better today. 

I am keeping up with walking daily. And replaced tea everyday morning with hot lime water. 

I am trying to make habits vote for the person who I want to become. 

Started to listen audiobook "Sapiens" rated 5 stars on Audible. Its more of a history book on the evolution which doubles up as a crash course on evolution.

Did not read Atomic habits today. Already feeling the emptiness of not reading it. 

Spent quality time with parents wife and kids. Productive day at work. And going to bed for my well deserved rest. 


22:35 28th June 2019 Indian Standard time. 

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