Day 10 #100days of writing

Learnt a good deal about habit formation reading the book "Atomic habits" I completed reading 20% of the book.

Every habit goes through this 4 stages

Cue->Craving->Response->Reward ->(this reinforces reward with cue)

By knowing this the actual doing part is the response stage. Day 10

To form a habit we need to change the cue craving response reward into actionable ideas

To form a habit

1. Make it obvious  (Make the cue obvious)

2. Make it attractive (Make the habit attractive so it increases the craving)

3. Make it easy (Make the response easy by removing needless friction and easy to do)

4. Make it satisfying (Remember to celebrate once done with response. so that in addition to inherent reward of the activity you would have one more reward)

This is very exciting.  One more important part I read which I guess is very useful is "Implementation intent" which denotes associating a place and time for every activity increases the chance of you doing the activity. 

You would say I will [Do a habit] at [Time] in [Place].  

Apart from this I have a good productive day at office and spent quality time with my family and played a game of Starcraft in Co op mode. 

Heading of to bed. Good night folks.

22:19 27th June 2019 Indian Standard Time.

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