Day 9 #100days of writing

Today another 4:45 am alarm snoozed. But got up at 7.00 am and in office at 9:00 am. A productive day personally and professionally. Got so many things accomplished. 

I loved the part of learning new today on my job. Also had a fun time with my team. We went out to a pirate themed restaurant awesome ambience and even more awesome food. 

The place I live in is depenedent upon the rain for water needs. monsoons failed for 2 years in a row so there was acute water scarcity. But the rains today came out of nowhere and drenched the hell out of the dry land. The water table below is sure to improve in the coming days.

And I noticed one thing this 100 day writing challenge is like a conversation with myself. Not sure if anyone reads it. But I love to recollect or look back what happened.  It is definitely helping. 

Catch you all later. Heading to bed. 

22:58 26th June 2019 Indian Standard Time.

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