Day 8 #100days of writing

Again woke up at 4:45 no motivation 7:30 is the final wake up time. But pulled my socks up and left home by 8:30 and reached office by 9.00. An off day at office filled with meetings and interviewing candidates to fill in vacant positions. Day gone fully.

But walked for 4 kms while listening to "Psycho cybernetics" originally written by Malcom Maltz. 

That is the book that broght the idea of self image to lime light along with many other techniques like "Creative imagination", "Mental Rehearsal" and "Mental movies".

Again the reason I listened to it is because of the reference made in the current book I am reading "Atomic habits". "Concentrate of What you want to become rather than what you want in life" is the central theme that stresses upon identity change rather than the outcome change. 

Heading to bed now. Wish the world a happy peaceful and invigorating sleep.

23:02 25th June 2019 Indian Standard Time.

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