Day 7 #100days of writing

When I woke up around 4.45 am there is zero motivation to get out of my bed. so skipped my morning ritual and woke up at 7.30 and got stuck in traffic for an hour or so in the scorching sun and reached office at 10:40.

Now that will be my motivation for the rest of days to wake up early and do my morning ritual.

Added a new habit in my inventory sheet and to do today sheet (rememember pomodoro technique) with the item "Walked 5 kms". Walked around 4 kms today. 

Zero reading of any sort and full of official work. But I was damn productive today. Done the task which I was procrastinating for ever. And learnt quite a few new things. Going to sleep now. I am happy that this challenge along with pomodoro technique and atomic habits are getting me to vote to the "Writer" in me. 

May be I am a writer :) (or atleast that is what my actions will vote for).

23:17 24th June 2019 Indian Standard Time. 

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