Day 16 #100days of writing try 2

Not so great productive day at office. But a good productive day personally. 

Learnt a new technical stuff which would help me in my official project at hand. But what was more satisfying is my reading habit today. 

I read about 4 hours today. Read a Harvard Business review article about "Persuasion" which outlined how the art of persuasion was handled from Ancient Greece to modern era. The compilation is from the ideas of Aristotle.

1. Ethos or Character - Establish your identity with the audience and make sure it doesn't conflict with what you are preaching.

2. Logos or reason - Appeal to the logic or reasoning of the audience.

3. Pathos or Emotion - Include storytelling to strike chord with the audience emotion.

4. Metaphor - Use metaphors to get the message across.

5. Brevity - Put the most important point you would like to convey first, as attention span is less.

It was a good article you can find it on .

Then I completed the book Atomic habits. Well written and engaging and consisted of awesome ideas to acquire/remove good/bad habits. Looking forward to use them in real life. It has given a set of tools and a framework to acquire habits and incorporate continuous improvement through reflection and review. Will review the book one more time and also the cheat sheet that came with it. 

It is a must read. So pick it up if you get a chance. And I'm not getting paid by anybody to suggest this book. I really believe this would have a impact on readers life. So my goal of 12 books this year got kickstarted with the first book I completed reading. 11 more to go. I started late. but as the saying goes "Better late than never".

Cheers. Good night. 

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