Day 18 #100days of writing try 2

Done with most of the habits that I wanted not to break the chain on. I guess I am kind of started to hit the ground running. It seems fast but looks sustainable with the tools I have.
Have scheduled the activities and areas of improvements that I have procrastinated for long.

Will take habit inventory for the next thirty days from tomorrow to see where I am spending my most time on.

Talking of the time tracker I remember a app called SmartTime which I used to have but forgot for months now. Let me dig that up.
And I had a very good day at office and a productive one indeed. Had fun socialisig with colleagues during a ice cream social organised by our HR team.
I am having fun starting to make myself better everyday.

I thank the almighty to give me this chance to share stuff to unknown people and giving me the ablity to read and write.

Finished 50% of Sapiens book which I was listening when I was going for walk everyday.  It is a massive 15 hour audio book. So far finished around 7.5 hours. It is interesting with views (not necessarily facts) on human evolution and about how money,sex,race,religion evolved. Interesting read.
For reading from kindle I am thinking of picking up "Magic of thinking big" right now I am busy applying what I have learnt from atomic habits. 

Cheers. Goodnight.

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