Day 1 #100days of writing try 3

I forgot to write my journal yesterday. My bad :) . So I am here for now Try 3 of hundred day challenge.

First attempt I broke the daily chain on Day 12 and second try on Day 26.

Today I thought of writing day 27 and upload it. But I thought "Wait a second who am I kidding?" myself. So here I am Day 1 try 3. But what is more important is the progress I am making.

Today had a awesome crab recipie so tasty and hot. Made with paste of onion, tomato and pepper. Both mouth and eye watering at the sametime.

Started my prep for changing company and started with . It contains some 70 problems to solve and also offers training video to practice them.

And spent time with my kids and unboxed my wife's new bluetooth headset. Spent quality time with my parents.

It is a peaceful sunday.

What am I grateful for today: I thank the almighty to let me spend time with my family.


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