Day 2 #100days of writing try 3

Monday mornings no matter how hard I try I wake up at 7.30 am. I refuse to get up lol.

thinking about it loud its either I'm not happy about work or I developed the habit from the early childhood that Monday is bad. Monday blues is ingrained into me (this may be true to you too) right from the school days I guess. My teachers used to give tons of homework during weekends and need that to be submitted on Monday mornings and obviously I don't finish up everything by Monday morning. some will be scheduled to be done the commute some during the first session of the class etc.

And we all get the hangover from the school to college and then to the office.

But I like my office just that there is gap between renumeration and my plans for life.

So I'm on this quest of gettin a better paying job. To be honest I'm being paid well but I kind of need more.

That's all for today. Today too all work and no play.

What am I grateful today: I thank the almighty for giving me the oppurtunity to work and make money.


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