Day 21 #100days of writing try 2

Had a nice day visited my native and worshipped the Goddess "Moongathamman" she is the one who is protects our village and the villagers. We always go the temple and worship her during the first week of "Aadi" Month in Tamil calender.

The month is special for goddesses and people make Raagi based dishes and also gravy prepared by using brinjal,potato,raw banana and dried fish. Also drumstic spinach dish is used as side dish.

Polytheistic religion like Hinduism(just a collective name for the beliefs in India) is fun and presents many oppurtunites to socialize and interact with people. And Hinduism by nature is liberal meaning anyone can follow theior beliefs irrespective of the shared realities.

Coming to my learning plan to tech up my skills
Just practised programming in Python. Today I should have learnt some Angular and CSS but had to visit my native as I said in the morning and attend a relatives function in the evening. So damn tired I will take rest today.

May be try angular and CSS for 10 mins before I go to bed. I wanted to make sure I completed my journal just before the tiredness takes over.

What am I grateful for today: I thank the almighty for presenting me the oppurtunity to worship her today and also giving me a chance to be with my relatives for some time.


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