Day 20 #100days of writing try 2

Very very productive day today.

What did I learn today

  1. Java
  2. HTML
  3. Javascript
  4. Angular
  5. read an article in Harvard Business review
  6. Typescript

and played with kids, took wife to hospital she had indigestion, went for a walk, Watched Novok Djokowic's interview and listened to audible book of Sapiens when I went for a walk.

So much that it would feel like crazy but all this managed by technology reminding me to do what I planned for.

And I take liberty to add to thinks but don't remove anything planned. My entire week is planned so I kind of exactly know what to do when.

And while listening to Sapiens I came across a good quote "Those who do not crave cannot suffer" this is the basic principle of Buddhism which is kind of obvious that when you remove the cause the effect will cease to exist.

So true but very difficult to implement. We crave for one thing or the other. But Buddha says that we can put the mind in that state and calls it true liberation.

What am I grateful today: I am happy that almighty gave me the power to think about myself and course correct when I find myself wanting.


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